present perfect subjunctive

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This tense consists of the present subjunctive of the auxiliary verb “haber” and the past participle.

yo haya hablado
I have talked
hayas hablado
you have talked
él/ella/usted haya hablado
he/she/you has talked
nosotros hayamos hablado
we have talked
vosotros hayáis hablado
you have talked
ellos/ellas/ustedes hayan hablado
they/you have talked
yo haya servido
I have served
hayas servido
you have served
él/ella/usted haya servido
he/she/you has served
nosotros hayamos servido
we have served
vosotros hayáis servido
you have served
ellos/ellas/ustedes hayan servido
they/you have served

- Espero que hayan comido su desayuno. (I hope they have eaten their breakfast)